Landscape Planning and Planning Conditions

Concept Landscape Architects have an established reputation for achieving planning approvals surrounding hard and soft landscape design and their specification.

This can include landscape maintenance and landscape management plans which are requested as part of reserved matters, but also important for scheme delivery and post-completion success.

We navigate the planning system, negotiating with local authorities and stakeholders on your behalf,  finding timely and applicable solutions.

Other experience and knowledge include :
Planning within conservation areas
Housing and residentials trusts
Environmental and ecological 
Garden studios/garden buildings
Boundaries treatments and disputes
TPO trees and tree’s in general
Green spaces
Urban design situations
Landscape renewal and preservation,
Land use
Master planning. 

Working in North London we have experience liaising with the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust and other conservation areas. 

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    Landscape Planning and Planning ConditionsConcept Landscape & Urban
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