School Campus Design

To regenerate a key area of the Academy school campus, creating an inspirational, robust, and functional outdoor urban landscape.

The existing landscape fabric is stark, run-down, and uninviting for students, staff, and visitors. It serves as an important arterial route that connects different faculty buildings, with a heavy footfall of students.

The landscape design concept brings a modern, attractive, and exciting approach to space, overlaying several layers of design that work in harmony with the existing site context and buildings.

A green layer of specimen tree’s and shrubs provide a counterbalance to the dominant buildings, and vision screening and softening the architecture.

Routes are now defined with walling, seating, and planting beds, with changes to the surfacing that help create different character zones and hierarchy.

The overall layout creates a variety of informal and less formal areas for students to meet, eat lunch, and interact with the landscape environment.

The space now be can be used for events and meetings with existing and prospective parents, teachers and students throughout the year.

  • TESTIMONIAL"This is fabulous!  Thank you." L. Sarif
  • TESTIMONIALI have worked with Concept Landscape Architects on a number of jobs and highly recommend their services. Jay Kenny – Architect Attention To Detail

    I love it, Steven! - Matthius H.


    We have collaborated with Steven and Concept in various larger projects. Steven helped us reach functional designs that meet all the requirements set by the various Councils. His professional attitude, attention to detail and specifications along with the quick production of various solutions to site-specific issues, make him a valuable collaborator. We would highly recommend his services. Scenario Architecture

    Scenario Architecture

    Concept have delivered many commendable solutions to a number of projects whilst I was at RGP Architects. E.Lamptey / Associate Architect  RGP

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