New initiative from the Landscape Institute – Why Invest in Landscape?

I am pleased about this recent initiative from the landscape instituteWhy Invest in Landscape, that goes explain  with the use of real project examples – the positive impact landscape architects and there subsequent design proposals can provide.  The article suggests that when landscape is placed at the ‘center of a development’ and so that it is properly considered ( not an after thought) – the impact  can lead to an increase of the revenues of local business’s with a  greater sense of community and a reduction of anti-social behavior.  The articles goes on to demonstrate how landscape architects have :

  • increased footfall to local business by creating places people want to spend time in;
  • increased the sale and rental values of private housing and commercial property;
  • optimised the full potential of a given location for a developer;
  • cut development costs through intelligent use of existing landscape features and innovative use of construction waste; and
  • put the built and natural environment at the heart of the regeneration process.

I applaud the LI for this article and I would gladly point clients and those unaware of the intangible benefits of landscape architecture and design, you can read  the whole article here

For those no aware the Landscape Institute is the professional body for landscape architects in the UK.

New initiative from the Landscape Institute - Why Invest in Landscape?Concept Landscape & Urban

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  1. Hi glad you liked the leaflet – we want to get this out into the hands of as many landscape architects as possible so they will pass it on to their clients. If you or anyone reading your blog wants copies please email and ask for copies of ‘Why Invest?’

    BTW also featured heavily on our website at


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