Landscape Technical Specification & Details

With many years experience in real world landscape detail design and specification, we provide expert technical design knowledge and ideas that can transform you project into something special and unique – but also incorporate the latest technologies that meet current regulations.
By understanding how the landscape is built in its various contexts and forms, we can put together comprehensive schemes that address each sites individual needs.We have extensive knowledge of the following areas of technical expertise and more…

LANDSCAPE DRAINAGE : Specifying the most sustainable method to drain surface water.

  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems or SUDS systems that help with water management.
  • Water sensitive urban design or WSUD is a design approach that helps integrate technical systems such as storm water, ground water, and waste water management into the urban water cycle. 

PLANTING SOLUTIONS : We can design in bespoke or off the shelf solutions in the following planted types. 

  • Green Walls or vertical gardens are the latest must have item to cover a blank wall or create an amazing landscape feature. These can be fully self sustaining and incorporate irrigation systems. Some are Stand alone green walls, attachable green walls or residential green walls.
  • Green Screen – similar to a green wall but this might be less maintenance intensive and could be design to create privacy.
  • Agricultural Roofs, Rooftop Agriculture or roof top farms can bring food production to a roof space near you.


  • Design of lakes and ponds both for ecological or aesthetic purposes.
  • Waterways to improve connectivity and drainage with a site.
  • Swales – to capture water runoff and aid ecology and help mitigate flooding.
  • Rain gardens are “planted depressions or holes” and designed to allow water runoff to soak into the ground from e.g from hard surfaces or roofs. They can be site specific and improve water quality and cut down pollution. 


  • Design and specification of tree’s that includes contract growing and nursery plant selection for high end or even more modest landscape projects.
  • Detail of tree’s pits in hard and soft landscape considering the situation to ensure the tree’s survival and growth.

LANDSCAPED GREEN ROOFS : Type dependent on project brief ;

  • Intensive Green Roofs – that are usually planted and accessible, e.g similar to garden level.
  • Extensive Green Roofs – usually low management, self sustaining planted with Sedum or Wildflower mix.
  • Brown Roofs – replicating an environment that is diverse and could incorporate recycled materials and associated vegetation.
  • Design and detail of hard and soft landscape over a podium deck.

REGULATIONS : We have working knowledge how to meet and achieve the following ;

  • Building Regs,
  • Code for Sustainable Homes,
  • Lifetime homes

INTERIOR LANDSCAPE : Bring green walls or planting into a controlled environment requires skill and a clear understanding of the plants growing requirements. 

  • Irrigation specification
  • Determine Lighting and LUX levels
  • Plant selection and sourcing
  • Pot or planter design and strategy

LANDSCAPE LIGHTING : Bringing lighting to the landscape in a sympathetic way can be aesthetically and functionally beneficial.

  • Full landscape lighting design consultancy and service.
  • Selecting fittings that are suitable for each location. 
Landscape Technical Specification & DetailsConcept Landscape & Urban
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