Concept have an established reputation for achieving planning approvals that relate to hard and soft landscape, the environment, garden studios or garden buildings, TPO trees, green spaces, ecological and/or urban design.

As chartered landscape architects and from experience we can empart a wide range of skills and expertise to successfully navigate the planning process. 

Outr service can help you develop site optimal and aesthetically pleasing solecutions with the necessary landscape detail for local authorities and working with national and local developers and private clients.

Get in contact and we can help you. 

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Planning  conditions come in slightly different variations but in essence they relate to the external appearance of a site in relation the existing landscape features. They require the landscape design is high quality, sustainable and generally a scheme that will enhance the overall site in the immediate and long term. 

Landscape planning conditions can also encompass different elements of the designed landscape. These can include the preservation of existing features i.e  trees and hedges and the detail specification of new materials, their design and sustainability of them. These details need to be presented in a way that can be understood but also work in reality and relate specifically to the site context. The conditions can be more stringent if the site is within a conservation areas or for instance close to and area of environmental significance. In all case’s we can advise and work through these items to design interesting spaces around our clients brief while at the same time ticking the boxes of the planning authority allowing building to be lawful. 

Other aspects of the external works design that can need attention and depend on the project type are : building regulation Part M ‘Access to and Use of Buildings’, which determines accessibility and gradients into and out of a site. Ecology and Biodiversity paying attention to the surrounding flora, fauna and geological features.

Meeting or achieving the Building Research Establishments BREEAM  excellent rating, Building Regs, Code for Sustainable Homes, Lifetime homes in conjunction with working around contaminated land and the planning drainage and groundwater attenuation.  

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